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We are providers of Security and GPS Tracking Solutions for People, Vehicle, Equipment and High value cargo. Why Laxson GPS? To secure and view in real-time where your people, your vehicle and your equipment are with LaxsonGPSPro web portal and smartphone App! Our head office is in Montreal, QC and our Master Distributor is TCI in South Burlington, VT. We are looking for resellers in New England in the following sectors: Personal tracking: . Workforce security, Corporate travelers, seniors and kids Vehicle tracking: . Fleet between 2 to 50 trucks, trailers Equipment tracking: . Higway carriers trailers, Construction sites Recreational equipment tracking: . Boats, motocycles, RV's We provide business and marketing development support, excellent customer service and technical support in English and French (Spanish fall 2017). Benefits: • Expand your line with state-of-the-Art technology . Earn monthly recurring revenue • Provide new generation of emergency button devices 'mPERS' • Promote Unique LaxsonGPSPro portal and App where you can track all units on one screen! Videos, technical sheets and more info at

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  • United States
  • Western Europe
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1-9 employees


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Québec - Canada

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Nancy LAXSON, President, CEO from LAXSON INTERNATIONAL INC. created this opportunity 2015/09/14 20:10:38

Provider Management and GPS traceability looking for business devlopment

We provide state of the art technological solutions for management and traceability of vehicle and people.

. Mobile PERS, Personal Emergency Response System
. Professional Patient Care tracking/monitoring Platform solutions

No matter if it's for 1 person or 1000, our GloboTrac platform will cover all your tracking/monitoring needs. Our advance GPRS technology Personal Tracker will provide a comprehensive suite of features, simplicity of design and functionality. The reliability and robustness of cutting-edge technology, that means Freedom, Security and Peace of mind.

Our personal device is the perfect companion, when a worker or resident presses the emergency button, a family member, nurse desk, response team or a monitoring centre will receive the alarm, with live two-way audio, your caller ID and your GPS location for quick emergency response.


Our professional mobile PERS, personal emergency response solutions, are ideally suited for nursing homes and similar facilities where patients or residents may be functionally impaired but mobile. At-risk patients and residents can be equipped with the device. In the event that a patient or resident strays outside the residence, staff will be immediately alerted and patients or residents can be instantly located.

We are looking for dealers or re-sellers for Canada and USA. If you are a security integrator, monitoring centre or a nursing home and want to provide these services to your customers, contact us today at, for more information.