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Jalbert Automatisation Inc.

Jalbert Automatisation Inc.

Recommended by 1 organization : Fédération des chambres de commerce du Q.


From retorquer to fully automated capper machine... beltorque® technology is the most innovative technology in inline capping in decades. beltorque® technology uses 2 sets of lateral belts unlike similar apparatuses that use multi-station discs and spindles to screw and tighten the closures. beltorque® technology is a patented system that synchronizes the linear displacement speed of the container and the rotating speed of the closure even when the cap stops turning. With the beltorque® technology, the belts are in contact with the caps long enough to apply and measure accurately and repetitively the torque on the caps. Besides its capability for screwing caps on almost any type of bottles, beltorque® technology provides also custom designed snapping tooling for snap cap closure applications.

Main sector of activity

Type of organization




Export market(s)

  • United States
  • Western Europe

Number of employees

20-49 employees


5M$ to 10M$


Québec - Canada