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Graph Synergie


Solutions designed to sell, to manage, to view, to communicate and to act alongside your products in effectively managing your image and your property brand. We provide owners, developers and real estate managers with top end marketing solutions which are creative and results-based. Stakeholders in residential real estate, whether commercial or sales offices, economic development, cites and municipalities, transportation, defence and security…

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Service provider



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  • United States
  • Canada


1M$ to 3M$


Québec - Canada

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Francis LESSARD, CEO from Graph Synergie created this opportunity 2016/02/11 16:28:36

we're looking for a strategic partnership to resell our interactive solutions

Based on our one-of-a-kind know-how and our 3D solutions, Graph Synergy creates and develop creative and engaging marketing solutions such as virtual reality, 3D films and ste of the art images. All of our products is connected to the brand of its various projects.
Real estate, Architecture, urban planning, property development, we harness the power and potential of 3D technologies to deliver our creative and technical expertise.