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Today’s business challenges While the economy continues to remain strong, the competitive environment is so as well. What was successful from a sales/marketing perspective 5 years ago is not necessarily as successful today. Companies are making investments in refreshing websites, adding CRM, expanding their sales team and yet not necessarily seeing the results they anticipated. The buzz is around social media, so companies invest in setting up accounts, blogging, etc. Some invest Google search offerings, trying to raise their search ranking, adding to Google’s coffers with sub-par results - the number of leads needed to achieve revenue goals continues to be an issue, and what leads coming in aren’t necessarily the quality leads that lead to good business. Moreover, when leads are turned into opportunities, proposals take too long and require too many resources, and a sizable number don’t close. Any of this sound familiar? You need a different approach Fact is, today’s buyers have more resources available to them to help them find solutions to solve the particular challenges they face. Gone are the days where sales people are the only conduit for information - prospects now utilize the web, their network, social media, the rising number of common interest groups/events, and other vehicles now play the primary role in to assist them to identify, research, and obtain potential solutions. But having an updated, cool looking website, or a weekly or monthly blog, or a monthly newsletter that shows what a great working environment you have may or your latest and greatest products/services may not be the best approach to attracting the type of customers you’re looking for. The salesperson’s role has also evolved from delivering standard presentations and proposals to more of a customized approach that is tailored to the individual needs of the prospect. And with the push towards greater sales effectiveness/efficiency (i.e., higher per sales person quotas), you want your salespeople to spend most of their time working with qualified prospects who are in the buying process, and for them to continually qualify those opportunities at each step of the sales process to focus the company’s resources on opportunities that have the best chance for success. We can help Crossroad’s approach is based on proven strategies and methodologies developed from many years of successful experience marketing and selling high technology products and services. The process starts by developing an in depth understanding of your current business who your markets and customers are and how they buy (market/buyer personas) - from initial research thru their selection process. We also look at how you currently market and sell today - what’s working, what’s not, where you win/lose (and why), along with your methodology and your asset inventory (assets are things such as collateral material, presentations, white papers, success stories, brochures, website, and your employees/network) you have available. We utilize templates and questions to develop this understanding quickly and efficiently. We then work with you to develop and implement a plan that fits within your budget to achieve those goals leveraging as much of your current assets and processes as possible (no sense reinventing the wheel or developing more of what may already be good enough!). Then, we monitor progress, and make adjustments along the way (yes, you need to plan for this as this is not a deterministic process!). Example elements of the plan: *New Market/Customer Lead generation programs *Raising SEO (search engine optimization) without investing in adwords *Targeted social media strategy that works for your market/customers *Programs to nurture/enhance your level of business from existing accounts *Website development/enhancements for more effective support of the buyer’s journey *Developing and Implementing programs targeting specific accounts/markets (Account Based Marketing/Selling) *Implementing a company-wide program to leverage non-sales employees’ relationships to help expand your reach *Differentiating yourself from your competitors by transforming your company from a vendor to a thought leader/expert in your field *Development of strategic content to address “gaps” identified in helping buyers thru their buying process (buyer’s journey) *Inbound Marketing +++ *Improving sales efficiency and effectiveness The key is that these elements are not implemented in isolation - they’re done in a way that is integrated and cohesive, the way many successful larger companies do with larger teams of dedicated people. Contact us We’d be happy to explore the challenges you face, your goals, and how we can help. Call us at (781)237-0495 or email at to discuss the challenges you face and how we can help. About the Principal Barry Braunstein has over 30 years of experience marketing and selling mission critical products and services in the hi-tech industry. With a degree in engineering, he has experience in a wide variety of markets and technologies in hardware, software, and services for startups, as well small, medium, and Fortune 500 companies (including Intel, Wind River, Digital Equipment Corporation). He has been responsible (directly and indirectly) for over $1B in revenue in his career, and has successfully turned around and grown businesses in highly competitive markets, winning numerous awards/recognition.

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