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Professional Services

The professional, scientific and technical services sector includes institutions whose activities are based on human capital, meaning that human intervention is their main factor of production. These companies put their employees’ skills and knowledge to the forefront for the benefit of their clients. It is the expertise of these professionals that serves as the product. Most of the time, no material good is exchanged. The professional, scientific and technical services revolve around a wide variety of activity sectors: accounting, public relations, insurance, marketing and advertising, financial services, employment services, legal services and many more.

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Vincent DEBLOIS, President from North Lion Holding created this opportunity 2016/05/09 17:22:41

We are in contact with several hundred's factory worlwide. We guarantee best price on any needed marchandise

We have close relation with several factory worldwide and we guarantee best price and quality. Since factory want business of our customers , they will make better price that they can make if you ask them directly. Our service is free of charge and we always looking for long-term and honest relationship.


Sara EL BAIN, Coordonnatrice Développement des Affaires from Expansion Quebec created this opportunity 2016/05/05 11:54:51


Expansion Québec is a non for profit organization aiming to provide a one stop shop for companies looking to expand their activities outside Québec.
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Carl MONTMINY, Director from Kaizen Inspection Ltd. created this request for proposal 2016/05/02 10:06:34

Third Party Inspection

We can provide third party inspection for your projects.


Marc STEVER, President from Communication S.R.V.A. created this opportunity 2016/04/27 15:46:45

Looking for strategic partnership in the video production business

We have more then 25 years of experience and we hope to open our market outside of Quebec...


Kurt ROLAND, Vice President from Pro's Choice Beauty Care, Inc. created this opportunity 2016/04/26 10:21:56

We are a U.S. distributor of Salon Hair and Nail products

We are a U.S. distributor of Salon Hair and Nail products looking for a distribution partner in Canada.

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Joane BELEC, Adjoint from pieges ouell created this request for proposal 2016/04/18 15:10:29

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Joane BELEC, Adjoint from pieges ouell created this request for proposal 2016/04/18 14:43:26

Searching U.S distributors to export traps

The mission of Pièges Ouell is to promote traps that are developed and made in Canada. We conceive products that are reliable, durable and effective. Therefore, we offer traps without crualty, that are secure and easy to use.


Mélanie LAUZON, PDG from Fiks Industries created this opportunity 2016/04/06 14:34:45


All our products meet the highest standards in terms of quality, durability and reliability.
We also offer odorless foam friendly and colored adhesives. Our transparent adhesives will remain crystal clear when dried.
Our online store is coming soon. Since we ship all over the World, to Order Now or for prices, please contact us Toll Free : 1 877 794 0111.


Eric TOURANGEAU, PDG from DDR created this opportunity 2016/03/23 09:19:42

Exportation Vente produit Outdoors & Cahsse-Moustique Watkins


Marc OKRANT, Vice President of Marketing from Casella Waste Systems created this opportunity 2016/03/22 10:47:19

Dispose special waste safely and cost-effectively in the US