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Professional Services

The professional, scientific and technical services sector includes institutions whose activities are based on human capital, meaning that human intervention is their main factor of production. These companies put their employees’ skills and knowledge to the forefront for the benefit of their clients. It is the expertise of these professionals that serves as the product. Most of the time, no material good is exchanged. The professional, scientific and technical services revolve around a wide variety of activity sectors: accounting, public relations, insurance, marketing and advertising, financial services, employment services, legal services and many more.

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Daniel THIBAULT, from Skerpa Design created this opportunity 2017/01/13 14:45:25

looking for distributor of medical equipment


Mercier MARC-ANDRÉ, Real Estate Broker from RE/MAX Vision (1990) inc. created this question 2017/01/08 21:36:15

Real estate leads


Debra TREMBLAY, Office Manager/Secretary-Treasurer from Action Worldwide Inc created this opportunity 2016/12/06 13:28:29

Providing U.S. Customs clearance and AES exporting to Canada


Sandra FARAJ, VICE PRESIDENT from ACTION CUSTOMS SERVICES INC. created this opportunity 2016/12/06 12:54:44

Experts Import/Export U.S.

Experts in Importing and Exporting to and from the U.S as well as Non-Resident Importers


Barry BRAUNSTEIN, Principal from Crossroads Business Consulting created this opportunity 2016/09/30 13:32:09

Sales/Marketing/Business Strategy Consulting for U.S.


Anonymous opportunity 2016/09/20 00:09:01

Payment Processing Services

Offering merchant services for online and brick and mortar businesses including merchant accounts to process Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover etc... As well as POS Software, consumer financing, merchant cash advances, gift/loyalty programs and much more.


Pierre SAMSON M.SC, FCPA AUDITEUR, FCGA, from Samson & Associes created this opportunity 2016/09/09 10:23:34



Charles FOREST, ceo from Teliom created this opportunity 2016/09/07 12:09:02

Searching for any company looking to develop an electronic product.

Our services include all the product development process:

Product definition
Embedded software programming
Electronic circuit design
Mechanical design
PCB routing
Prototype boards assembly
Functional and environmental tests
Project coordination
Technical documentation
Transfer into production
We offer turnkey solutions covering all above listed services.

An "a-la-carte" service is also offered when only one or more project phases must be performed (e.g. PCB routing, design review,certification consulting, etc).

Our pricing is competitive and adapted to the project scale.


Patrick BÉRUBÉ, President from Produits Sanitaires Unique created this opportunity 2016/07/08 10:29:07

Searching for distributors to sell our cleaning products (sanitizer, roll dispenser...)

Produits Sanitaires Unique is an experienced team, proud to design, develop, produce and distribute sanitary products for commercial, industrial and institutional clients.
Industries which are looking to develop new products, found in our professional expertise of chemists, modern laboratory and adapted skills to certify, produce, bottle, package and distribute their products.