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Professional Services

The professional, scientific and technical services sector includes institutions whose activities are based on human capital, meaning that human intervention is their main factor of production. These companies put their employees’ skills and knowledge to the forefront for the benefit of their clients. It is the expertise of these professionals that serves as the product. Most of the time, no material good is exchanged. The professional, scientific and technical services revolve around a wide variety of activity sectors: accounting, public relations, insurance, marketing and advertising, financial services, employment services, legal services and many more.

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Dany SIMONEAU, Président from Arboquébec created this opportunity 2017/03/22 16:16:53

Partenariat stratégique

Partenariat stratégique


Redha DADI, partenariat sarl e.r.i answered 2017/09/08 15:43:15

merci de nous expliqué votre annonce PARTENARIAT STRATÉGIQUE.


Lucie CARPENTIER, President from Formation Luccar created this opportunity 2017/03/14 07:50:30

formation service à la clientèle


Anthony BARO, Managing Principal from E2SOL LLC created this opportunity 2017/02/28 09:51:35

Business Development & Collaboration Opportunities

E2SOL is interested in discussing collaborative business development opportunities with complimentary products and services organizations


Justin MCCABE, Partner - Intellectual Property Attorney from Dunkiel Saunders created this opportunity 2017/02/21 21:02:36

Intellectual Property Legal Services

Providing intellectual property services throughout the US and internationally.


Aaron ARCHAMBAULT, Mr. from IPNetVoice created this opportunity 2017/02/20 12:08:26

Cloud based and on premise Business Communications Solutions

IPNetVoice Offers hosted Unified Communications, Business Phone system, SIP Trunking. We can help companies evaluate all of the various options and define their needs, we can also work with partners who have expertise in other IT areas to expand their portfolio of products.


Dany CHOUINARD, M from chouinard dany created this opportunity 2017/02/13 10:23:43


Gestion énergie krtb c'est : de diminuer de façon significative les coût d'énergie en contrôlant les puissance et consommation Électrique .Possibilité d'aide financière Hydro Quebec .entretien préventif sur CVA


Michael PINARD, Président from Arboplus Inc created this opportunity 2017/02/09 08:59:46

Partenaire en arboriculture au travers du Québec


Ali TAVASSOLI, President from Coencorp created this opportunity 2017/01/23 15:49:58

Supply of turn key automated fuel management and fleet management solutions


Guillaume CARIOU, Director Mercadex answered 2017/02/14 09:00:06

Hello Mr. Tavassoli,
I was wondering if you have been in touch with this group :
Best regards.
Guillaume Cariou.
Mercadex International

Christopher JOHNSON, Director from Technical Connection created this opportunity 2017/01/17 13:29:59

Identifying employees with technical skills

For over 25 years Technical Connection has specialized in identifying and delivering the best technical employees and contractors to Northern New England and upstate New York companies.


Ted LE BLANC, CEO from Global Maritime Transportation Services created this opportunity 2017/01/17 12:29:17

Transportation, Logistics and Compliance