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Professional Services

The professional, scientific and technical services sector includes institutions whose activities are based on human capital, meaning that human intervention is their main factor of production. These companies put their employees’ skills and knowledge to the forefront for the benefit of their clients. It is the expertise of these professionals that serves as the product. Most of the time, no material good is exchanged. The professional, scientific and technical services revolve around a wide variety of activity sectors: accounting, public relations, insurance, marketing and advertising, financial services, employment services, legal services and many more.

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Michael PINARD, Président from Arboplus Inc created this opportunity 2017/02/09 08:59:46

Partenaire en arboriculture au travers du Québec


Ali TAVASSOLI, President from Coencorp created this opportunity 2017/01/23 15:49:58

Supply of turn key automated fuel management and fleet management solutions


Guillaume CARIOU, Director Mercadex answered 2017/02/14 09:00:06

Hello Mr. Tavassoli,
I was wondering if you have been in touch with this group :
Best regards.
Guillaume Cariou.
Mercadex International

Christopher JOHNSON, Director from Technical Connection created this opportunity 2017/01/17 13:29:59

Identifying employees with technical skills

For over 25 years Technical Connection has specialized in identifying and delivering the best technical employees and contractors to Northern New England and upstate New York companies.


Ted LE BLANC, CEO from Global Maritime Transportation Services created this opportunity 2017/01/17 12:29:17

Transportation, Logistics and Compliance


Daniel THIBAULT, from Skerpa Design created this opportunity 2017/01/13 14:45:25

looking for distributor of medical equipment


Mercier MARC-ANDRÉ, Real Estate Broker from RE/MAX Vision (1990) inc. created this question 2017/01/08 21:36:15

Real estate leads


Debra TREMBLAY, Office Manager/Secretary-Treasurer from Action Worldwide Inc created this opportunity 2016/12/06 13:28:29

Providing U.S. Customs clearance and AES exporting to Canada


Sandra FARAJ, VICE PRESIDENT from ACTION CUSTOMS SERVICES INC. created this opportunity 2016/12/06 12:54:44

Experts Import/Export U.S.

Experts in Importing and Exporting to and from the U.S as well as Non-Resident Importers


Lisa G MARTIN, Executive Director from Manufacturers Assoc. of Maine created this opportunity 2016/10/20 12:12:05

B2B leads for Maine manufacturers


Guillaume CARIOU, Director Mercadex answered 2016/10/31 10:17:14

Hello Ms. Martin,
I was wondering if you could post more details about your leads/opportunities (Types of companies you look for, experience in selling this type of goods/services, etc.).
As a company helping firms to develop their sales abroad, we think this platform could be very useful to match Quebec-based and Maine-based firms.
Best regards,
Guillaume Cariou
Mercadex International.