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New manufacturing technologies

A range of cutting-edge technologies were developed to help businesses maintain an optimal level of productivity and production organization. This sector includes emerging technologies such as nanotechnology, geomatics and geospatial technologies. These technologies play an important role in the economic development of a company and in achieving a leading position. Some of the sectors that can take advantage of these technologies are the manufacturing sector (manufacturing of plastics, rubber and others), the industrial machinery sector and more.

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Dan CLOUTIER, Sales Manager from Lasertech Industries created this question 2016/01/28 09:27:41

Finding Contacts

Getting Contacts for presentation of our services

Request for proposal

Steven ZEKRY, President from SGY Logix Inc created this request for proposal 2016/01/26 11:21:24

SGY Logix - Logistics and Transportation service provider for North American cross border freight.

We offer logistics and transportation services to North American Companies looking to ship over the road freight. We service Canada,USA and Mexico. We can provide equipment to/from any Province or State and offer any type of equipment necessary to accommodate our customers needs.


Manna DOYLE, General Manager / President from Tulmar Manufacturing Inc created this opportunity 2016/01/22 15:05:45

American Content , Expansion into the US

Are you interested in creating a footprint in the United States? It can be challenging to start up in the US on your own. Tulmar Manufacturing Inc. can help you with space , staffing , and administration to get your company moving forward. If this sounds interesting, please contact me anytime.


Michael ROONEY, Executive Vice President from RingMaster Software Corporation created this opportunity 2016/01/13 12:00:24

Oracle E-Business Suite (Oracle PGI) change management and patch management

If you are involved with Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) in any way, we should talk. We can quickly find out how we can help each other. If your EBS environment is in the Oracle Cloud or managed completely by Oracle On Demand, our product is usually not worth having. If your EBS environment is on premises or in a private cloud or in a non-Oracle public cloud, our product will help tremendously. Our customers are end-users of EBS and EBS managed hosting companies and consultants. We are very interested in forming close partnerships with other EBS third parties in order to better get share of mind with CIOs and better compete with Oracle in the customer's mind.


Michael ROONEY, Executive Vice President RingMaster Software Corporation answered 2017/02/14 22:18:33

RingMaster has now added automated on premise and in the Cloud, functional testing of EBS, Peoplesoft and Salesforce, plus automating Oracle Fusion Middleware and Business Intelligence. Our automated machine learning system for EBS support can answer 80 percent of support request from users.

Sebastien BOLDUC, Sales Representative from CNC Solstice Inc. created this opportunity 2016/01/11 11:06:55

Precision Machining service offer

Call in an experienced team!

In the last 25 years, we contributed to the achievement of a great number of projects. We are always keeping a rigorous quality management for customer satisfaction.

With over 30 Machine tools in our factory we can provide you a great amount of work in a short period of time.

Answering your needs in:
- CNC machining
- Conventional machining
- Welding workshop
- Mechanical assembly

Material type:
- Hard steel, stainless steel, standard steel, aluminum, uhmw, copper, exotic tool steel, and more

Please contact us for more information or to talk about your project.

Thank you.

Sebastien Bolduc
Sales representative
CNC Solstice Inc.
Phone: (450)678-4114 ext; 208
email :

Request for proposal

Jacques GAUTHIER, technical manage from AB Mekatek created this request for proposal 2015/12/17 14:26:03

new maket for our compagny

Since it’s foundation in 1981, by Joseph Bonanno, A.B. Mekatek inc. has become a key player in the design and fabrication of tools and dies.

It’s in 1998 that A.B. Mekatek inc. bought its first CNC machine and started to fabricate all its punches & die components so that they are fully interchangeable. Soon after it acquired its second CNC and increases its fabrication facilities from 7,500 sq. ft. to 10,600 sq. ft.

In 2001 Michel Shank who has been with the company from the beginning became a partner, and serves as the vice president of the company.nterchangeable.

In constant evolution the company continually invests in new equipments with the latest technology and in 2001 expands once again its facilities from 10,600 sq. ft. to 15,500 sq. ft.

In 2002 A.B. Mekatek inc. started to export its tools & dies to different parts of the United States.

In 2007 it penetrated the Mexican market, and in turn to accommodate the increase in work had to invest in bigger equipment and increase its fabricating facilities.

In 2010 A.B. Mekatek inc. added to its line of try out presses a 550 tons punch press.

Today A.B Mekatek inc. occupies a surface of 22,000 sq. ft. and when you will check out our list of equipment you will know what we can handle, small to big tooling projects.



Good Morning Jacques
Although we are a Montreal based Transport Company, our main corridor is the Eastern Seabord and CA, as we do this direct with our own equipment.
We also have aan Ocean/Air division and can handle your Mexico based freight.
Should you be interested or have any shipping or quoting opportunities, please contact me..
Christina Baron

Agop EVEREKLIAN, President & CEO from Evereka International created this opportunity 2015/12/15 11:23:44

International business development


Marisol LITALIEN, Business Development Manager from Above Security Inc. created this opportunity 2015/12/02 15:59:09

We offer 24x7 Managed Information Security Services


Fabrice SPRINGHETTI, Sales Representative from Docal Limited created this opportunity 2015/11/25 13:54:19

Looking for manufacturing opportunities regarding heat exchangers & vessels.

Docal is a Canadian manufacturer of custom industrial heat exchangers and refrigerant vessels with clients all over North America.
With today’s USA/Canada exchange rate, we believe it has become quite profitable for both sides
to expand our respective business relations.


Thibodeau JULIE, Vice-présidente from Vicone High Performance Rubber created this opportunity 2015/11/25 10:19:00

We are looking for manufacturing reps to cover Eastern US

We are looking for manufacturing agents with clients who understand and appreciate the main benefits offered by a solution provider like Vicone. Quebec-based with two offices and manufacturing in the Montreal area, we wish to grow sales in Eastern US. We already have clients in that area, as well as lists of potential buyers to share with our partners.

We are Vicone High Performance Rubber, a Canadian company that sells throughout North America a vast array of custom extruded and molded rubber gaskets and seals. We collaborate, guide and support our customers (manufacturers) in their product development process, from concept to production, by using our design, optimization, real rubber prototyping, strategic production and inventory management services.

Our Quality Management System is ISO9001 and we are certified under the Controlled Goods Program (CGP). We specialize in small to medium runs and serve clients in several industries such as Specialty vehicles & transportation, building & construction, defense, food & beverage, play & recreation and medical to name a few.

Would a rubber products line be of interest to you? Let us know!