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Life Sciences

The field of life sciences includes the pharmaceutical, pharmacological, biochemical, botanical, chemical, neuroscience and cosmetics industries, among others. Numerous small and medium-sized businesses are engaged in the field of life sciences and focus on improving health care services provided in Quebec, Canada, the United States and other countries around the world. This industry also aims to develop medical technologies and new medical materials and equipment as well as bio-pharmaceutical products, and move medical research forward.

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Request for proposal

Yan BOILY, Sales and development manager from Les importations feelgood inc created this request for proposal 2016/08/24 13:03:51

Representative team for a revolutionary natural product in U.S

We are a young business developping the market for solutions against electromagnetic fields. Our product is 100% natural and has been scientifically proven. We are selling in Quebec and Eurpoe for now, but we want to sell to the U.S. We need some selling teams that are already into the natural products market to let them know about us and give them the opportunity to sell to their clients.

our website: (we will have soon)

Many thanks!


Bruce ACKMAN, VP Business Development from Manta Product Development, Inc. created this opportunity 2016/06/01 11:01:15

Interested in providing product development services in the medical device and consumer product sectors


Doug NOFTALL, President from Skyline Montreal Trade Show Exhibit created this opportunity 2016/05/27 15:41:22


Request for proposal

Jacques RAYMOND, Director Business Development from Keatsconnelly created this request for proposal 2016/05/26 14:22:50

Cross-border financial planning, taxes and investments

Our mission is to help US and Canadian citizens determine and achieve their financial and life planning goals through a comprehensive financial planning process. Our role is that of an independent and trusted financial counselor, providing personalized service with uncompromising integrity.

For more information, contact us: 561.602.0275


Thomas CREARY, President from Westbridgeone Ventures Inc. created this opportunity 2016/05/16 14:18:04

Develop business in the United States


Vincent DEBLOIS, President from North Lion Holding created this opportunity 2016/05/09 17:22:41

We are in contact with several hundred's factory worlwide. We guarantee best price on any needed marchandise

We have close relation with several factory worldwide and we guarantee best price and quality. Since factory want business of our customers , they will make better price that they can make if you ask them directly. Our service is free of charge and we always looking for long-term and honest relationship.


Sara EL BAIN, Coordonnatrice Développement des Affaires from Expansion Quebec created this opportunity 2016/05/05 11:54:51


Expansion Québec is a non for profit organization aiming to provide a one stop shop for companies looking to expand their activities outside Québec.
Pour plus d'informations :


Dom ORLANDI, President from Foodscience Corporation created this opportunity 2016/04/19 11:25:41

Development of dietary supplement brands for humans or companion animals


John BETHUNE, CEO from Innovation Hub. created this opportunity 2016/03/30 09:20:15

Looking for customers:waste water and sewerage treatment industry

Our company is in early stage manufacturing, supply and servicing of our uniquely developed product to the waste water and sewerage treatment industry in Australia. The product is extensively trialed with continuing trials underway, as well as ongoing research and development.


Eric TOURANGEAU, PDG from DDR created this opportunity 2016/03/23 09:19:42

Exportation Vente produit Outdoors & Cahsse-Moustique Watkins