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Energy, greentech and environment

The energy sector brings together enterprises and companies active in the distribution, marketing and production of energy in many forms such as electric energy, solar energy, etc. Often known as eco-innovations or eco-technologies, clean technologies aim to reduce the environmental impact of commercial and industrial activities, among others. Clean technologies are a promising sector to benefit from substantial financial advantages (reduced costs), improve quality of life and make the best use of resources. Overall, the environmental industry focuses on reducing the negative impacts from commercial activities. Various organizations, companies and services are at work and are developing ways to assess, prevent and find solutions to problems related to waste, different types of pollution (soil, water, air, noise pollution, etc.), ecosystem deterioration and others.

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Sophie PERRON, Gestionnaire Marketing from M2S Électronique / M2S Electronics created this opportunity 2015/09/24 08:58:24

M2S Electronics - Savoir Faire in Electronics

M2S Electronics is mainly in 4 markets : Transportation, Energy, HVAC & Medical.

We operate two facilities in Quebec city, first as a system integrator mostly for railroad and energy industries, second on value-added PCB. In addition to a production line in Nottingham specialised in PAGA systems. Without forgetting a factory in Shenzhen.


Yves BOISSONNEAULT, PDG from BIG-TECH Atelier d' Usinage CNC created this opportunity 2015/09/24 08:44:37

Usinage en sous-traitance


Philippe LIARD, Vice Président Liard Industries answered 2015/12/10 13:34:58

Tu cherche une compagnie qui en fait ou tu offres tes services d'usinage.

Yves BOISSONNEAULT, PDG from BIG-TECH Atelier d' Usinage CNC created this opportunity 2015/09/24 08:43:27

Machine Shop CNC


Adama SECK, Assurance qualité from CNC Tracy Inc. created this opportunity 2015/09/16 15:21:55

High-precision machining, fabrication and mechanical assembly

CNC-Tracy Inc. is a sub-contractor specializing in high-precision machining, fabrication and mechanical assembly for parts of all sizes.



We service the Eastern Seaboard direct, should you require a Transport Company.
Thank you

Ana MEJIA, MBA, Directrice et commissaire à l'international from DEL created this opportunity 2015/09/14 14:19:54

best business practices


Alain MERCIER, Président from Manisoft created this opportunity 2015/09/09 15:09:05

Distribution Logiciel

Request for proposal

Jacques PICARD, Stratège principal from Agence Zoucom created this request for proposal 2015/08/31 16:48:25

Looking for graphic design or Web design specialists?


Dave LAVOIE, VP Business Development from NG Advantage LLC created this opportunity 2015/08/19 10:41:26

Looking for large energy users that would like to burn natural gas but are not connected to a pipeline

NG Advantage LLC is creating a new sector in the mid/down stream natural gas industry using its "virtual pipeline" - a fleet of tractor trailers - to deliver CNG to industrial sites NOT on a gas pipeline. NG Advantage is a US company based in Vermont expanding throughout North America.

NG Advantage is creating a new sector (virtual or mobile pipeline) in the natural gas delivery network. The Company is extending the gas infrastructure by trucking compressed natural gas (CNG) to large industrial and institutional energy users NOT connected to a pipeline.


Steve HUDSON, CEO from HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT INNOVATIONS LLC created this opportunity 2015/08/19 07:50:13

Disinfection opportunities

Heo3 specializes in Far-UV Sterilray™ Technology and High Energy Ozone generators.