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Energy, greentech and environment

The energy sector brings together enterprises and companies active in the distribution, marketing and production of energy in many forms such as electric energy, solar energy, etc. Often known as eco-innovations or eco-technologies, clean technologies aim to reduce the environmental impact of commercial and industrial activities, among others. Clean technologies are a promising sector to benefit from substantial financial advantages (reduced costs), improve quality of life and make the best use of resources. Overall, the environmental industry focuses on reducing the negative impacts from commercial activities. Various organizations, companies and services are at work and are developing ways to assess, prevent and find solutions to problems related to waste, different types of pollution (soil, water, air, noise pollution, etc.), ecosystem deterioration and others.

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Thomas CREARY, President from Westbridgeone Ventures Inc. created this opportunity 2016/05/16 14:18:04

Develop business in the United States


Vincent DEBLOIS, President from North Lion Holding created this opportunity 2016/05/09 17:22:41

We are in contact with several hundred's factory worlwide. We guarantee best price on any needed marchandise

We have close relation with several factory worldwide and we guarantee best price and quality. Since factory want business of our customers , they will make better price that they can make if you ask them directly. Our service is free of charge and we always looking for long-term and honest relationship.


Sara EL BAIN, Coordonnatrice Développement des Affaires from Expansion Quebec created this opportunity 2016/05/05 11:54:51


Expansion Québec is a non for profit organization aiming to provide a one stop shop for companies looking to expand their activities outside Québec.
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Carl MONTMINY, Director from Kaizen Inspection Ltd. created this request for proposal 2016/05/02 10:06:34

Third Party Inspection

We can provide third party inspection for your projects.


Douglas LANGDON, Vice President from Axsess Energy Group created this opportunity 2016/04/07 08:56:11

Looking for customers - Energy Procurement and Strategic Planning and Budgeting

Our focus is energy supply management. We provide services covering all aspects of supply planning,procurement and execution.

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Joane BELEC, Adjoint from pieges ouell created this request for proposal 2016/03/30 11:48:12


We are making some traps for trapper or for all people that have a problem with harmful animal.certificate for house,farm,town.farmer.We have a good traps for depredation,ratting or trapper


John BETHUNE, CEO from Innovation Hub. created this opportunity 2016/03/30 09:20:15

Looking for customers:waste water and sewerage treatment industry

Our company is in early stage manufacturing, supply and servicing of our uniquely developed product to the waste water and sewerage treatment industry in Australia. The product is extensively trialed with continuing trials underway, as well as ongoing research and development.

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Bruno CHAMPEAU, Vice-president from JM Champeau inc. created this request for proposal 2016/03/24 08:14:35

Hardwood Bark for sale

I am looking for a new market for our hardwood bark (bulk). We sell around 10 000 tons / year. It is a very nice quality of hardwook bark. We can sell directly from our yard in St-Malo, Quebec or we can sell delivery by our own trucking company.


Vanessa RACICOT, Directrice Générale Chambre de commerce Canada-Floride answered 2017/06/21 16:17:30

Hi Bruno,
Would Florida interest you as a potential market? If so, the Quebec-Florida Chamber of Commerce can definitely help you!
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Vincent PLAMONDON, Account Manager from JB DESCHAMPS created this request for proposal 2016/03/07 11:51:30

Deschamps Impression inc. has as its mission to be the reference for quality printing in North America.

With its prepress department, Deschamps Impression inc. offers digital, computer graphics and computer to plate. Deschamps Impression uses high-tech equipment to ensure you have a constant quality printing.

Our extensive variety of presses and equipment allows us to produce your most varied printing projects.

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Manuel PEREZ, marketing director from Les Composites M.A. Bernard created this request for proposal 2016/03/03 15:10:55

Find u.s. distributors

We are looking for distributors for our products of fiberglass. For over 30 years we develop our expertise and created two extra ordinary products : Swim PlatformULTRA / DeckULTRA .
The first being a product for boats and the other for residential balconies.
We want to facilitate exports and have partners on the other side of the Canadian and US border.