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Food industry

The processed food and beverages industry uses physical, mechanical and chemical transformation processes to produce a wide variety of foods and beverage and raw materials that will be used to produce other foods destined for human consumption. In terms of production value, it is one of the largest manufacturing industries in North America. Often referred to under the AFI abbreviation, the food industry includes all industrial activities related to the transformation and production of products destined for human consumption such as dairy products, fruits and vegetables and meat (livestock). In addition to industrial production activities, this industry also includes different businesses and stores operating in the agri-food industry such as grocery stores, bakeries and others.

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Request for proposal

Bernard PARENT, Director from Atelier Pruno created this request for proposal 2015/11/24 13:22:16

Looking for retailers & distributors, re: Maple syrup production & Hardware Stores

We're looking for retailers & distributors related to:
- Maple syrup production
- Hardware stores
Chek out our catalog:


Gary MAJDELL, CEO from Majdell Group USA Onc created this opportunity 2015/11/23 17:45:32

Want to sell your products on Amazon. Thats what we are experts on. Managing your Amazon online business worldwide

Majdell Group is an online top seller on Amazon .com and .ca. We can partner with your company to add you to our group of suppliers that we manage their Amazon business. All you need to do is supply the product. We do everything else from photo shoots, product upload to Amazon, Inventory Management and accounting.

Let us partner with you to bring your online sales to new hights.

Gary Majdell



Maxime DILLINGER, Export manager from DOMAINE LABRANCHE created this opportunity 2015/11/16 11:52:14

Maple wine and Apple Ice cider supplying


Maxime DILLINGER, Export manager DOMAINE LABRANCHE answered 2015/11/16 11:54:32

Hi verybody ,

We are maple wine and ice ciders producer"

imported by MHW, we look for oppotunities in the north east.

Let's share your ideas about optimizing the potential of that kind of product into US market.

Thank you all.

Steve MELITO, Owner from Thunderbolt Business Services created this opportunity 2015/11/12 13:23:31

Content Marketing for Manufacturers

Thunderbolt Business Services specializes in content marketing for manufacturing. We are seeking new clients in the Northeastern U.S. and Canada. Please email for a free consultation.


Jacques BISSONNETTE, Account manager from Olymel created this opportunity 2015/10/29 14:54:11

Looking for food processor


Sacha BOUDREAULT, Directeur général La Fraisonnée inc. answered 2015/11/03 15:28:59

Hello, what kind of products you need to make?
Sacha Boudreault

Market PATHFINDER, Commercial Director from Market Pathfinder created this opportunity 2015/10/23 21:31:41

Interested in selling products or would like to accelerate growth in the US?


Kevin DUFRESNE, President from Nivek Automatisation Inc. created this opportunity 2015/10/18 15:53:53

Looking for opportunities in Industrial automation

Leader in automated production, Nivek Automation offers solutions control the production of bulk products, concentrated in the areas of agribusiness and construction products by providing design, manufacture and installation for of integrated automation projects.

The qualified team of Nivek Automation can accomplish innovative projects that meet your requirements and find the optimal solution to your specific needs.


E'Mind Tek Inc. Frédéric PARÉ, Président E'Mind Tek Inc. answered 2015/10/21 22:02:10

Est-ce que vous êtes à la recherche d'opportunités aux USA ou bien vous avez des opportunités de votre côté?


Jean-Michel LEBEAU, CEO from Cortex created this opportunity 2015/10/13 16:28:53

Build Strategic Partnerships With A Software Leader

With offices in Quebec City and NYC, Cortex is known for its ability to create high-quality software applications on mobile and web platforms, and the company is now looking to expand by creating strategic partnerships all across North-America.

We are looking for rock-solid partners that may be interested in:

1. Solidifying their actual expertise in terms of high-quality software development.
2. Increasing development-velocity for their in-house development team.
3. Propose high-quality service packages containing our service menu to your actual clients.

Request for proposal

Jack BARTCZAK, VP sales and Marketing from Nutripur Inc. created this request for proposal 2015/10/13 14:03:09

Looking for distributors /retailers to carry our product line

looking to expand the Nutripur product line into the US market place , Looking for retailers or distributor who will work with our product line.


Francois DUBREUIL, Président from Zedimage Agence web created this question 2015/10/06 09:27:37



Planning Média Louis-Pierre DESJARDINS, Founder / Fondateur Planning Média answered 2016/02/05 09:59:53

Définitivement, même les abris-bus et les ''billboards'' seront tous numériques.