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Construction, green building and related infrastructure

Construction is a dynamic and mixed-use sector that relies on the expert work of many professionals such as engineers, architects, suppliers of materials and furniture, general contractors and site workers. This sector covers the construction of houses, schools, hospitals and other buildings. It also includes renovation supplies and products. Green construction, or eco-friendly construction, is a branch of traditional construction that is increasing in popularity. It consists in the design and construction of a building respectful of the environment, following principles of energy self-sufficiency, material recycling, and liquid and solid waste reusing among others. The principles of an eco-friendly construction can also be used in renovation projects.

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Mario ROUSSEL, president from Selix equipment inc. created this opportunity 2015/09/09 14:26:09

we sell and rent drilling equipment and related products



Hello Mario
We would be happy to help you deliver your products cross-border to the Eastern Seaboard, as this is our main corridor lanes- direct!
Thank You

Mario ROUSSEL, president from Selix equipment inc. created this opportunity 2015/09/09 14:24:43

new and used rock drilling rigs

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Jacques PICARD, Stratège principal from Agence Zoucom created this request for proposal 2015/08/31 16:48:25

Looking for graphic design or Web design specialists?


André MARTIN, President Sales & Marketing from Solarium Optimum created this opportunity 2015/08/26 11:52:33

Sunroom Dealer Wanted

Sunroom, Solarium, Patio Cover, Patio Enclosure and Awning dealer wanted for a 3 season modular sunroom. Solarium Optimum is looking for dealers for the Sunloft. An easy to install (DIY) modular 3 season sunroom with glass roof and PVC wall.

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Francois BELZIL, PRESIDENT from atelier d`ebenisterie f.b expert inc created this request for proposal 2015/08/25 14:40:24

research new dealer for sold my products-vente armoire de cuisine


Steve HUDSON, CEO from HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT INNOVATIONS LLC created this opportunity 2015/08/19 07:50:13

Disinfection opportunities

Heo3 specializes in Far-UV Sterilray™ Technology and High Energy Ozone generators.