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Construction, green building and related infrastructure

Construction is a dynamic and mixed-use sector that relies on the expert work of many professionals such as engineers, architects, suppliers of materials and furniture, general contractors and site workers. This sector covers the construction of houses, schools, hospitals and other buildings. It also includes renovation supplies and products. Green construction, or eco-friendly construction, is a branch of traditional construction that is increasing in popularity. It consists in the design and construction of a building respectful of the environment, following principles of energy self-sufficiency, material recycling, and liquid and solid waste reusing among others. The principles of an eco-friendly construction can also be used in renovation projects.

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Leclerc RENE, President from AmeriCan Structure created this request for proposal 2016/01/06 11:12:31



Leclerc RENE, President AmeriCan Structure answered 2016/01/06 11:13:29

murs en bois prefabriqué
Request for proposal

Leclerc RENE, President from AmeriCan Structure created this request for proposal 2016/01/06 11:11:24

entrepreneur general

mur préfabriqué en bois ,ferme de toit et poutrelles de planché

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Eric LABONTE, Proprietaire from aspirtech Soliroc Metal created this request for proposal 2015/12/14 09:13:26

central vacuum

we manufacture central vacuum since 1977 . our brand name is : we can manufacture our product whit your private label and colors


Andre BOISVERT, Président from Multi distribution Sherbrooke inc created this opportunity 2015/12/03 11:15:06

Find cie interested of our product for US market


Fédération des chambres de commerce du Q Yasmine HALES, Coordinator, Trade Corridors Fédération des chambres de commerce du Q answered 2015/12/08 16:31:02

Hi !
Can you tell what kind of products you offer pls ?

Sylvie TURGEON, Administrateur from Ameta Distribution Inc created this opportunity 2015/12/01 16:08:06

Looking for U.S distributors

We are specialized in the distribution of professional high-tech surface treatment products with exclusive rights for Canada and U.S.



Should you require transportation cross border, we handle the Eastern Seaboard direct.
thank you

Marcel GIGUERE, co - owner from Moderne Cuisine & Design created this opportunity 2015/12/01 07:43:54

Looking for well established kitchen and bath cabinet distributor

looking for a well established distributor of kitchen and bath cabinets.


Patrice KWEMO, Energie-Stat inc from Energie-Stat inc created this opportunity 2015/11/27 13:27:59

Energy-Stat provides a thermal response test technology for the geothermal industry.

We are interested to a partner-ship with a driller or a geothermal designer to offer a thermal soil property measurement service in their area.


Fabrice SPRINGHETTI, Sales Representative from Docal Limited created this opportunity 2015/11/25 13:54:19

Looking for manufacturing opportunities regarding heat exchangers & vessels.

Docal is a Canadian manufacturer of custom industrial heat exchangers and refrigerant vessels with clients all over North America.
With today’s USA/Canada exchange rate, we believe it has become quite profitable for both sides
to expand our respective business relations.


Thibodeau JULIE, Vice-présidente from Vicone High Performance Rubber created this opportunity 2015/11/25 10:19:00

We are looking for manufacturing reps to cover Eastern US

We are looking for manufacturing agents with clients who understand and appreciate the main benefits offered by a solution provider like Vicone. Quebec-based with two offices and manufacturing in the Montreal area, we wish to grow sales in Eastern US. We already have clients in that area, as well as lists of potential buyers to share with our partners.

We are Vicone High Performance Rubber, a Canadian company that sells throughout North America a vast array of custom extruded and molded rubber gaskets and seals. We collaborate, guide and support our customers (manufacturers) in their product development process, from concept to production, by using our design, optimization, real rubber prototyping, strategic production and inventory management services.

Our Quality Management System is ISO9001 and we are certified under the Controlled Goods Program (CGP). We specialize in small to medium runs and serve clients in several industries such as Specialty vehicles & transportation, building & construction, defense, food & beverage, play & recreation and medical to name a few.

Would a rubber products line be of interest to you? Let us know!