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Construction, green building and related infrastructure

Construction is a dynamic and mixed-use sector that relies on the expert work of many professionals such as engineers, architects, suppliers of materials and furniture, general contractors and site workers. This sector covers the construction of houses, schools, hospitals and other buildings. It also includes renovation supplies and products. Green construction, or eco-friendly construction, is a branch of traditional construction that is increasing in popularity. It consists in the design and construction of a building respectful of the environment, following principles of energy self-sufficiency, material recycling, and liquid and solid waste reusing among others. The principles of an eco-friendly construction can also be used in renovation projects.

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Mathieu BENOIT, VP Innovation & Business Development from Arcane Technologies created this opportunity 2016/02/28 22:08:05

Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) & 3D Interactive Technologies for Business

Want to find out how you can sell your products virtually everywhere? Whether your business is focused on B2B or B2C, Arcane Technologies is all about leveraging on the latest technologies to promote your products without borders. Please get in touch with us.


Bootle JOHN, USA and Canadian Sales from Torbel usa created this opportunity 2016/02/21 16:25:35

Seeking Quebec company or organization to partner with to develop market for our biomass boiler products

Torbel is a European company that manufactures a rand of biomass boilers and furnaces for commercial heating applications in the buildings, greenhouse, lumber industries
Torbel has a US sales office in Vermont, US and wishes to partner with an established Quebec company to expand sales into Canada.
Please contact John, or (802) 379-8553 for additional information


Tony GIUNTA, Senior Client Manager, Senior Energy Advisor from Nobis Engineering, Inc. created this opportunity 2016/02/18 09:19:54

Looking for potential customers in Quebec

Provide engineering services to industrial, institutional, and development sectors.


Richard TURGEON, Sales/Ventes from Luxart Ebenisterie created this opportunity 2016/02/16 10:57:42

We are looking for a distributor of high end cabinets.

Florida is a targeted market.


Ghislain ROCH, CEO from GR Innov8ion inc created this opportunity 2016/02/16 08:55:47

Market development services


Jean-Luc LEMAIRE, MBA, Développement de marché from L'Ardoisière Inc. created this question 2016/02/13 14:50:13

Search a small business to discuss the strategy used to reach a high-end clientele in the renovation sector

Several strategies exist to attack a market. Years of experience have shown us that our product is targeted to a base class: high average high and very high quality for our product. decisional person is the buyer himself. We want to know the best strategy to speak directly to that person and eliminating intermediaries (architects, designers, contactors, etc.). Are there one or more SMEs that have developed a strategy to reach the influencer directly and with whom we could discuss.


Joaquim BLANCHETTE, ING., Buisness Developpement Manager from Hydrexcel created this opportunity 2016/02/12 08:58:26

Subcontractor of steel fabrication product

We are interested to build a partnership with a US buisness and to be a subcontractor for them in steel, aluminium or stainless fabrication product.


Frank PIETERS, VP Operations from RNP Industries Inc. created this opportunity 2016/02/11 16:33:36

manufacturer reps and dealers in demand

Looking to expand sales network by adding sales agents and dealerships


Francis LESSARD, CEO from Graph Synergie created this opportunity 2016/02/11 16:28:36

we're looking for a strategic partnership to resell our interactive solutions

Based on our one-of-a-kind know-how and our 3D solutions, Graph Synergy creates and develop creative and engaging marketing solutions such as virtual reality, 3D films and ste of the art images. All of our products is connected to the brand of its various projects.
Real estate, Architecture, urban planning, property development, we harness the power and potential of 3D technologies to deliver our creative and technical expertise.


Maureen DEMERS, Présidente from Distribution Maureen Demers inc created this opportunity 2016/01/26 13:39:59

looking for Independant Sales Rep in USA