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Construction, green building and related infrastructure

Construction is a dynamic and mixed-use sector that relies on the expert work of many professionals such as engineers, architects, suppliers of materials and furniture, general contractors and site workers. This sector covers the construction of houses, schools, hospitals and other buildings. It also includes renovation supplies and products. Green construction, or eco-friendly construction, is a branch of traditional construction that is increasing in popularity. It consists in the design and construction of a building respectful of the environment, following principles of energy self-sufficiency, material recycling, and liquid and solid waste reusing among others. The principles of an eco-friendly construction can also be used in renovation projects.

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Anonymous request for proposal 2018/02/05 09:49:43

shelled cashew nuts, gold bars, oil and gas, D2.


Anonymous opportunity 2017/08/19 13:15:19

DHY stone co.,ltd. is an stone supplier in China. DHY have 3 quarries, 2 factories and specialized in design &fabricate stone for 18 years. We provide marble, granite, onyx and quartzite, product catalog include slabs, tiles, mosaics, water-jet medallion

DHY stone co.,ltd. is an stone supplier in China.
DHY have 3 quarries, 2 factories and specialized in design &fabricate stone for 18 years.
We provide marble, granite, onyx and quartzite, product catalog include slabs, tiles, mosaics, water-jet medallions, sculpture, countertops, sinks, fireplace, stone crafts, pillar, foundation, baluster and tombstone.
DHY specializing in manufacturing made-to-order stone products in any shape, size, color and contents to meet your specifications. Welcome custom design. For more detail ,welcome visit


Steve SELBY, President from Business America Services. created this opportunity 2017/07/10 14:42:11

We are looking for small and medium size Canadian companies

We are looking for small and medium size Canadain companies that wish to expand in the USA Market by using our following fulfillment services : US Address/ Mail Forwarding, Warehousing/Pickup and Pack , Freight Forwarding, Crossdocking, Small Package Pickup Point, US Incorporation and Registration Service,Office Space


Robert ROUSSEAU, Account manager from Dominion Signs created this opportunity 2017/06/13 16:10:58

Service offer for signage programs / US chains


Étienne LEMIEUX, Chargé de projet from Explorer Solutions created this opportunity 2017/05/09 15:46:09

Support aux organisations québécoises dans leurs projets d'Investissements Directs Étrangers (IDE)

Investissements Directs Étrangers (IDE) – État de New York

Explorer Solutions travaille en collaboration avec l’Empire State Development (ESD), l’agence de développement économique de l’État de New York, auprès des entreprises québécoises qui ont des projets d’investissements aux États-Unis. Notre mission est d’accompagner les entreprises québécoises dans leur processus d’expansion. Plus précisément, notre support permet de vous aider dans la recherche de la meilleure localisation possible, et ce, selon les besoins logistique de l’entreprise et son secteur d’activité, en plus d’offrir de l’accompagnement dans l’identification des programmes s’appliquant aux projets d’expansions.

Notre mandat couvre les trois catégories d’activités suivantes :

- Les investissements directs étrangers;
- Les projets d’acquisitions d’entreprises; et
- La création de partenariats stratégiques Canada-NY.

Nous vous invitons à communiquer avec nous pour en apprendre davantage sur les nombreuses opportunités d’affaires de l’État de New York et sur les incitatifs financiers disponibles.

De plus, Explorer Solutions et l'Empire State Development offrent ces services sans aucun frais.

Étienne Lemieux
Project Manager
Explorer Solutions

Phone : 450-441-9055
Fax : 514-375-1388
Email :


Paul ALAIN, CEO from Produits Delta Ltée created this opportunity 2017/04/27 09:37:05

Whiteboard - Tackboard - Blackboard

We are manufacturers of customized writing and display boards : whiteboard, blackboard, tackboard, slinding or movable board...

We work with schools, architects, contractors and companies...

If you would like more information please contact us at +1 819 752 5551

We are attentive to any business opportunity. For example :
Proposition of innovative materials for the manufacture of our Whiteboards ou Tackboards.


Alexis ANAGNOSTOPOULOS, Business development manager from Traductions Serge Bélair Inc created this opportunity 2017/04/18 14:25:25

We are offering translation services for all corporate communications


Anthony BARO, Managing Principal from E2SOL LLC created this opportunity 2017/02/28 09:51:35

Business Development & Collaboration Opportunities

E2SOL is interested in discussing collaborative business development opportunities with complimentary products and services organizations

Request for proposal

Sylvain SIMARD, directeur des approvisionnements from Chaînes et Élingues St-Pierre Canada Lté created this request for proposal 2017/02/27 16:41:15

We are looking for independant sales representative to promote our products in USA

St-pierre chain and sling is Producer of high performing round sling


Carl FONTAINE, Business & Market Development Manager from Cotech created this opportunity 2017/02/21 10:07:40

Snow plows, Front loader and Forestry Equipments

Our mission has always been to design and manufacture top of line loader attachement and snow plows for the agriculture and snow removal industry.

We pride ourself in not only building great products but backing them with the industry's highest level of customer service.

We employ over 60 full time staff, cover 5 factories and 65,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

We use laser cutting equipement , robotic welding and state of the art engineering software to maximize our workforce and minimize defects. Every
item gets checked and double checked before leaving the shop floor.

Our goal is not only to deliver great product but to make sure it arrive on time and looking its best.

Our powder coating and sand blasting process gives all our attachments an unparalleled level of resistance and is far more friendly to the environment than conventional paints used on entry level attachments

We could not provide this level of care to our customers without the over 200 loyal Cotech dealers who distribute our product across Canada and United States.