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Aerospace, defense and marine transportation

The aerospace industry includes the engineering and development of aircraft material or parts and engines, as well as the maintenance, engineering and development of aircrafts. The aerospace industry has many world-class companies and developers of related products such as flight simulation, navigation, guidance, control, communication and defense systems. The marine transportation sector covers all operators of marine and port services that work at the national and international level. It can also include companies from other countries that make a port call in Canada, Quebec and the United States, as well as companies working in the manufacturing of boats and the building of vessels, watercraft and related products.

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Sophie PERRON, Gestionnaire Marketing from M2S Électronique / M2S Electronics created this question 2015/09/24 09:06:02

M2S Electronics - Looking for partnership

M2S Electronics, a company established in Quebec city since more than 30 years, is looking for Northeastern companies in the field of electronics, mainly in research and development, with the aim of a possible partnership.


Sophie PERRON, Gestionnaire Marketing from M2S Électronique / M2S Electronics created this opportunity 2015/09/24 08:58:24

M2S Electronics - Savoir Faire in Electronics

M2S Electronics is mainly in 4 markets : Transportation, Energy, HVAC & Medical.

We operate two facilities in Quebec city, first as a system integrator mostly for railroad and energy industries, second on value-added PCB. In addition to a production line in Nottingham specialised in PAGA systems. Without forgetting a factory in Shenzhen.


Annie O'FARRELL, Coordonnatrice Marketing from Base Camp Connect created this opportunity 2015/09/22 15:22:20

Base Camp Connect is looking for distributors to sell our Mobile Communication System to Emergency Services and Public Safety Agencies

Base Camp Connect is a mobile communication system that allows emergency services (Police/Fire Departments, Sheriffs, Public Safety, counties, etc.) to obtain a voice and data communication network in minutes when a crisis situation occurs. Regardless of the location of the emergency, BCC enables interoperable communications between all the first responders without any technical assistance. Therefore, it allows them to take action immediately instead of managing communications.


Adama SECK, Assurance qualité from CNC Tracy Inc. created this opportunity 2015/09/16 15:21:55

High-precision machining, fabrication and mechanical assembly

CNC-Tracy Inc. is a sub-contractor specializing in high-precision machining, fabrication and mechanical assembly for parts of all sizes.



We service the Eastern Seaboard direct, should you require a Transport Company.
Thank you

Ana MEJIA, MBA, Directrice et commissaire à l'international from DEL created this opportunity 2015/09/14 14:19:54

best business practices

Request for proposal

Jacques PICARD, Stratège principal from Agence Zoucom created this request for proposal 2015/08/31 16:48:25

Looking for graphic design or Web design specialists?

Request for proposal

Sophia SCIOTTO, EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT from PARS INTERMODAL INC. created this request for proposal 2015/08/28 13:01:53

Any need quotes to export from Canada by marine?


Steve HUDSON, CEO from HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT INNOVATIONS LLC created this opportunity 2015/08/19 07:50:13

Disinfection opportunities

Heo3 specializes in Far-UV Sterilray™ Technology and High Energy Ozone generators.