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Aerospace, defense and marine transportation

The aerospace industry includes the engineering and development of aircraft material or parts and engines, as well as the maintenance, engineering and development of aircrafts. The aerospace industry has many world-class companies and developers of related products such as flight simulation, navigation, guidance, control, communication and defense systems. The marine transportation sector covers all operators of marine and port services that work at the national and international level. It can also include companies from other countries that make a port call in Canada, Quebec and the United States, as well as companies working in the manufacturing of boats and the building of vessels, watercraft and related products.

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Ted LE BLANC, CEO from Global Maritime Transportation Services created this opportunity 2017/01/17 12:29:17

Transportation, Logistics and Compliance


Michelle MCCAUGHAN, Director Of Business Development from Action Customs Services created this opportunity 2016/12/06 13:15:47

Transportation service provider


Julie PICHÉ-BÉDARD, Marketing Manager from Fonderie Laroche Ltée created this opportunity 2016/10/20 14:47:06

We are looking for manufacturer representatives to cover the New England territory

We are looking for manufacturer representatives to cover the New England territory. We excel in the manufacture of gray and ductile iron castings intented for various industries. We can provide castings from 1 pound to an hundred. We cast parts like sprockets, pulley, gears, conterweight, and any parts that fit in a 20''X24'' mold.

We thrive at satisfying our customers and we can achieve projects respecting their request and deadline.
Do you have any references of agent working in similar or complementary fields ?


François RIVARD, Président from Groupe AirRivac created this opportunity 2016/06/08 12:39:06

membership development

strategic exchange service for members territory between Canada and USA


Doug NOFTALL, President from Skyline Montreal Trade Show Exhibit created this opportunity 2016/05/27 15:41:22


Request for proposal

Jacques RAYMOND, Director Business Development from Keatsconnelly created this request for proposal 2016/05/26 14:22:50

Cross-border financial planning, taxes and investments

Our mission is to help US and Canadian citizens determine and achieve their financial and life planning goals through a comprehensive financial planning process. Our role is that of an independent and trusted financial counselor, providing personalized service with uncompromising integrity.

For more information, contact us: 561.602.0275


Thomas BURKE, Marketing Manager from Argosy International Inc. created this opportunity 2016/05/13 10:23:36

Are there any needs for Honeycomb Core Products our company provides?

Argosy's AXAC division differs from its competitors in four important ways:

Focuses only on the production of aluminum honeycomb core, not honeycomb panels.
Manufactures both commercial grade alumimum honeycomb core to world class quality standards as well as 5052 Aerospace grade aluminum honeycomb core.
Customizes aluminum honeycomb core to meet customer's precise specifications and format, including: custom blocks sizes with both Chrome and non Chrome treatment, unexpanded slices and expanded sheets, perforated or non perforated, drilled core and custom kits.
Offers a complete service package including adhesives, aluminum sheets, storage and logistics.

AXAC manufactures aluminum honeycomb core in a state-of-the-art facility as part of a joint venture with Xi'an Aircraft. The highly automated plant is ISO/AS and US Coastguard certified.


Vincent DEBLOIS, President from North Lion Holding created this opportunity 2016/05/09 17:22:41

We are in contact with several hundred's factory worlwide. We guarantee best price on any needed marchandise

We have close relation with several factory worldwide and we guarantee best price and quality. Since factory want business of our customers , they will make better price that they can make if you ask them directly. Our service is free of charge and we always looking for long-term and honest relationship.


Sara EL BAIN, Coordonnatrice Développement des Affaires from Expansion Quebec created this opportunity 2016/05/05 11:54:51


Expansion Québec is a non for profit organization aiming to provide a one stop shop for companies looking to expand their activities outside Québec.
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