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Simon POIRIER, CEO from Les Grains JP Inc created this opportunity 2018/07/24 18:32:51

Exportation et importation de Grains par rail.


Eric BONNAFOUS, sales director from Trappes d'acces Socana created this question 2018/05/24 14:47:03

Need help finding buyers for my attic hatch

attic hatch manufacturer looking for sale in the US and Canada


Harvey JONATHAN, CEO from Manutech created this opportunity 2018/05/23 11:35:25

Manutech handling and storage for windows and doors is looking for sales representative and distributors

Manutech is an innovative manufacturer of handling and storage equipment with a focus on providing solutions for door, window and glass industry. While constantly pushing forward, we offer maximum performance trolleys, dollies and storage solution with careful consideration for what professionals needs to be at the top of their game.

Increase your productivity and save time and money with our inventive procedee and our unmatched, durable and performance products.


Jalal BENBRAHIM, MD from Wink buisness development created this question 2018/05/06 11:27:03

looking for specialty food buyers, distributors or brokers in the US market


Tim MCCARTHY, President from Kildare Consulting created this opportunity 2018/03/09 15:16:01

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Tim MCCARTHY, President from Kildare Consulting created this opportunity 2018/03/09 15:15:56

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Request for proposal

Jean-Luc SERRE, International Strategy Expert from Experimental Company created this request for proposal 2018/02/27 08:45:19

Experimental company products and services offer / required

Our group is looking for the following providers of services / products:
Market research B2B; 24/7 Call center & International Trade Experts.

Please contact: Jean-Luc Serre at directly or reply to this post


Jean-Luc SERRE, Director administration Minds Inc. answered 2018/02/27 08:48:28

We would appreciate more details on this proposal.
Request for proposal

Jean-Luc SERRE, Director administration from Minds Inc. created this request for proposal 2018/02/20 10:38:30

Distribution and plant support for US customers

Minds Inc is a leading Asphalt Plant Control developer and manufacturer.
We are looking for opportunities to better serve our American customers through local distribution and service partners.


Guillaume CARIOU, Director Mercadex answered 2018/02/23 10:35:47

We would like to have more details about your proposal.
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Anonymous request for proposal 2018/02/05 09:49:43

shelled cashew nuts, gold bars, oil and gas, D2.


Eric GAGNON, CAN FR Marketing Copywriter and Translator from Touché Translation created this opportunity 2018/01/09 07:59:47

Bilingual Copywriting and Translation Services